Helping Our Children Be Independent
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  • Maintain communication with county of
    support.  Maintain organization of
    paperwork pertaining to the consumer.
  • Assist in fiscal organizational support or
    maintain fiscal support.
  • Monitoring hours that employees use.
  • Assist in hiring support workers.  Note
    all families take responsibilities for final
  • Provide staff training that is specific to
    the child's plan of care.  Additional
    staff training given upon request.
  • Provide scheduling of support as well as
    management of staffing support.
  • Provide basic organization of behavioral
    programing and or personal needs goals.  
    Provides creation an analysis of data
    collection of goals.  Facilitate
    development of a person centered
    support plan.
  • Coordinate services with other
    providers, such as, speech therapist,
    occupational therapist, teachers, and
  • Assist, facilitate and coordinate
    community access and inclusion.
  • Monitoring of service providers.
  • Consult as a behavior specialist
Flexible Case Management Services
Sensory Items
These are some of the items that are used for sensory items.
Scheduling boards
for children with
Taking the
overwhelming duty
of organizing your
child's programing.
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